Arizona Fairy Shrimp
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  • 1,000 Redtail Fairy Shrimp Eggs

    Most of the eggs sink down with improved hatching rate.

    Redtail fairy shrimps are less than 200 micro-meter long when just hatched out. It can be used as food for fish and Triops. They grow up to 1 cm in 10 days, and have stronger survival instinct than other fairy shrimps. Also, they are easily raised by yeast diet, and have the widest survival temperature range, about 10C~38C degrees. Usually they begin to reproduce in 2 weeks and live longer than 8 weeks.

    Redtail fairy shrimp hatching & raising instruction is included.

    item# AZS034001B
    Out of stock
        1,000 Winter Fairy Shrimp Eggs

    They grow up to 1/3 inch just in 4 days. The eggs hatch in cold water which temperature is below 40 F, and survive even in the water surrounded by ice. They grow faster and larger in the water temperature range 59 F to 68 F in Spring season, and the maximum length reach almost 1 inch. The average lifespan is 8 weeks.

    Winter fairy shrimp instruction comes with the eggs.

    item# AZS005004H
    Out of stock

    50 Beavertail Fairy Shrimp Eggs

    Beavertail fairy shrimps grow up to 2 inches, and will provide the best look in your aquarium. The eggs bag may contains a few number of vernal clam shrimps and redtail fairy shrimps, and very rarely, Triops. Their typical body color is white with red tail, but can be changed to red or dark-red by the environment; sometimes they become all white from head to tail. Their life span is about 14 weeks.

    It's not containing Shrimp Food, and not recommended for the beginners.

    Beavertail fairy shrimp hatching and raising instruction is included.

    50 Beavertail Fairy Shrimp eggs only
    item# AZS006006
        Triops, Fairy Shrimp, Clam Shrimp

    Contains about 10 Triops, 100 Redtail Fairy Shrimp, a few of Beavertail Fairy Shrimp and two species of clam shrimp eggs. This pachage is similar with Desert AquaFamily - MuliPack, but contains only the eggs with sand.

    Or buy only the Triops eggs. You will receive two bags and each bag contains over 20 Triops eggs with small amount of basic food for their early life. Hatching rate is around 30% depends on the condition.

    Triops hatching and raising instruction comes with the eggs.

    Triops, Fairy Shrimp, Clam Shrimp mixture.
    item# AZS003002H
    2 bags of 20 Triops eggs only. Total 40 eggs.
    A few of fairy shrimp's eggs mixed.
    item# AZS043007B

    50 Water flea eggs (ephippia)

    This packet contains about 50 eggs (ephippia) of water flea with basic food. The food will keep water fleas healthier than using only yeast or green water diet. The first hatching take less than 5 days, but the number of water fleas will increase very fast. The average size is 2mm and 4mm is the maximum.

    The left picture (below) shows the eggs of water flea. It might not be possible to find the eggs in the bag because of the basic food.

    Water flea hatching and raising instruction is included.

    item# AZSHPD001W
        50 Redtail Fairy Shrimp and Vernal Clam Shrimp eggs

    Occasionally, shrimps with red patterned legs may be found. They swim very calm and do not cause dizziness while watching them. But clam shrimps swim very active. This package contains Redtail Fairy Shrimp, Vernal Clam Shrimp, Long Vernal Clam Shrimp eggs. Fairy shrimps live up to 10 weeks and some clam shrimps live over 6 months in the best condition.

    Contains same eggs with Desert AquaFamily™ - EasyPack. Just no food is contained.

    Fairy shrimp and clam shrimp hatching and raising instruction is included.

    item# AZS003001H

    Buy 5 packs of same item, and get an EXTRA BAG for free!
    Fairy shrimp's color can be slightly different from the pictures.
    All packages may contain minor amount of the eggs of other species.
    The instruction in the package is more detailed than the one on this website.

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