Arizona Fairy Shrimp
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Fairy shrimp
Fairy Shrimp

Clam shrimp
Clam Shrimp


Water flea
Water Flea

Clam Shrimp

We named them with new name as we've found them, which are not scientific or common names.

Click the below pictures to see the detailed information by species.
Dry Lake Clam Shrimp Vernal Clam Shrimp
Dry Lake Clam Shrimp

Vernal Clam Shrimp

Long Vernal Clam Shrimp  
Long Vernal Clam Shrimp
Leptestheria compleximanus

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The following is the list of all clam shrimps found in Arizona so far (based on Arizona Game and Fish data).

Scientific name

Cyzicus mexicanus
Cyzicus setosa
Eocyzicus digueti
Eulimnadia antlei
Eulimnadia cylindrova
Eulimnadia texana
Leptestheria compleximanus
Lynceus brachyurus
Lynceus brevifrons

Common name

Mexican Clam Shrimp
Bristletail Clam Shrimp
Straightbacked Clam Shrimp
Fuzzy Cyst Clam Shrimp
Cylindrical Cyst Clam Shrimp
Texan Clam Shrimp
Spineynose Clam Shrimp
Holarctic Clam Shrimp
Short Finger Clam Shrimp

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