Arizona Fairy Shrimp
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  • EasyPack Plus - Desert AquaFamily™

    EasyPack is for everyone who wants to raise fairy shrimps and clam shrimps at home. It is very easy to maintain good water condition by following a simple instruction. Also, some shrimps will survive even if never maintained it. Just fill up water!

    Contains about 50 eggs total. Redtail Fairy Shrimps and Long Vernal Clam Shrimps survive longer than 8 weeks, and Vernal Clam Shrimps live about 3 weeks. Seed shrimps will be populated more and more like water flea. A set of 2 bags - egg and food.

    EasyPack hatching and raising instruction is included

    item# AZS003005H
        SimplePack - 2 bags
    Two bags of 100 fairy shrimp eggs & basic food.

    Each bag contains about 100 eggs of Redtail Fairy Shrimp with a small amount of basic food for up to 1 gallon size jar. This pack eased the procedure of feeding the shrimps and only baker's yeast is needed. The basic food contains other nutritions and there's no afterward addition of green water or spirulin. The shrimps will grow to a half of an inch in 2 weeks and start laying eggs.

    SimplePack instruction comes with the eggs.

    item# AZS043006B

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    Fairy shrimp's color can be slightly different from the pictures.
    All packages may contain minor amount of the eggs of other species.
    The instruction in the package is more detailed than the one on this website.

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