Arizona Fairy Shrimp
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Fairy Shrimp

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Winter Fairy Shrimp

Male Fairy Shrimp Female Fairy Shrimp

Winter Fairy Shrimp is one of Branchinecta family. They grow up double every day in the first 5 days after hatching and reach to 7mm-9mm, and female shrimp starts reproducing on the 6th day and keep producing eggs in their life span up to 10 weeks. Usually, they are 12 mm or less for about 2 weeks after hatching, and grow up slowly up to 20 mm. Their color is white with black pattern, red, red-orange, partially green and blue with white body color.

The eggs are brown 160-200 micrometer balls. They start hatching out between 18-24 hours after submerged, but it can be delayed by the temperature, lights, and the type of the water like distilled water, rain, etc.

The rest of their life style is same with Mammoth Winter Fairy Shrimp

Winter Fairy Shrimp's Head Winter Fairy Shrimp's Growth Speed
Male fairy shrimp's head close up. Daily growth speed from hatching.

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